About EMD, Inc.

EMD, Inc. (Electrical Manufacturing and Distributors, Inc.) was established in 1984 by professional engineers with 20 years of combined experience in the electrical power generation and mining industries.

EMD was initially focused on the installation of automated electrical power generation equipment. With the advancement of automation technology, we began using cutting edge control systems to automate our electrical power generation systems. During this process, our expertise in the application of automation and control was sought by other equipment manufacturers and customers. In the early 90’s, our business focus transformed from power generation to systems integration and automation.

EMD’s broad range of services offer businesses of every size the choice of project specific work or full turnkey solutions — from automated control systems design, systems integrating to electrical engineering, custom programming and control panel fabrication.


Mission Statement

EMD's mission is to effectively use our experience and knowledge to allow our customers to realize a cost effective solution which is safe, maintainable and reliable.